JAE Electronics MX31 Connectors

JAE Electronics MX31 Connectors are designed to meet the demands for compact and lighter connectors with multi-pin counts, often used in the computerized controls of vehicles. These high-density, board-to-cable connectors offer 2.2mm terminal pitch for signal and 3.2mm terminal pitch for power. The connectors have tin-plated or gold-plated terminals, and the socket terminal resists corrosion. JAE Electronics MX31 Connectors feature an insertion force of less than 70N for easy mating. Ideal applications include automotive ECUs such as the engine and transmission.  


  • 2.2mm terminal pitch for signal, 3.2mm terminal pitch for power
  • 4 rows for a compact, high-density connector
  • Hybrid connector with terminals for both signal and power
  • Connector insertion force is under 70N for easy mating
  • Socket terminal resists corrosion
  • Lead-free mounting compatible by using heat-resistant resin (SPS material)
  • Tin-plated or gold-plated terminals


  • Automotive ECUs
    • Engine
    • Transmission
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2016-12-08 | Aktualisiert: 2022-03-11