LED-Beleuchtungslinsen Single Lens

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Produktkategorie: LED-Beleuchtungslinsen
RoHS:  Details
Lens Holder Assembly
Lumileds, Samsung, Nichia
18 deg to 24 deg
Marke: Ledil
Durchmesser: 10 mm
Höhe: 6.7 mm
Produkt-Typ: LED Lenses
Verpackung ab Werk: 100
Ausführung: Round
Unterkategorie: LED Lighting
Montage: Adhesive, Pin
Gewicht pro Stück: 400 mg

LISA2 LED Lighting Lenses

LEDiL LISA2 LED Lighting Lenses are 9.9mm and 10mm in diameter variants with glue or clip compatible with up to 3535 size LED packages. LEDiL LISA2 LED Lighting Lenses come with a small footprint suitable for tight PCB layout. These LED lighting lenses are miniature Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lenses for jewelry shops, reading lights, torches, and headlamps.

Infrared Optics Family

LEDiL Infrared Optics Family offers a wide variety of IR reflectors, lenses, and holders to provide complete options for IR LEDs. This infrared family has many advantages over visible light in surveillance applications. It keeps lighting discreet and helps to conceal the camera's viewing direction. Infrared optics are invisible to the human eye and are suitable for long-distance illumination. Typical applications for LEDiL Infrared Optics include surveillance of large areas and spaces, military applications, and night vision systems.

Bild Beschreibung
Lumileds LXML-PWC1-0100
Hochleistungs-LEDs - Weiß White 4500K - 10000K LUXEON Rebel Series
KYOCERA AVX 009276004021106
Sockel & Kabelgehäuse Wire to Board Conn. 18-24 AWG
Panasonic ERZ-V09D220CS
Varistoren ZNR Transient/Surge Absorbers Type D
Ledil FP13026_LISA2-WW-PIN
LED-Beleuchtungslinsen Secondary Optic
Ledil FP10992_LISA2-M-PIN
LED-Beleuchtungslinsen Single Lens
Ledil FP14414_LISA2-O-PIN
LED-Beleuchtungslinsen Assemblyround0 Pos10mm (D)7,13mm(H)
Ledil FP10997_LISA2-WW-PIN
LED-Beleuchtungslinsen Single Lens
Ledil FP13028_LISA2-M-PIN
LED-Beleuchtungslinsen Assembly 1 Pos
Ledil FP13025_LISA2-W-PIN
LED-Beleuchtungslinsen Secondary Optic
Ledil FP10993_LISA2-W-PIN
LED-Beleuchtungslinsen Single Lens